Lynex LX1000 is unique slopemower, which is able to mow safely slopes up to 75 degrees. This is achieved thanks to the machines low center of gravity (just 26cm above the ground),  to wide tracks and to radio controlled steering. Thanks to this machine is able to work on slopes that are inaccessible and dangerous for other mowing equipment.





  • Lynex LX1000 is a radio-controlled slopemower, which is designed to mow slopes up to 75 degrees.
  • Do not damage soil because it use rubber tracks and weighs only 290 kg.
  • Very low surface pressure and therefore it may use on soft terrain and environmentally sensitive areas.
  • The machine mows tall grass and small bushes. May mow well-maintained lawns.
  • The compact dimensions enable easy transport from one place to another:    

          width 148cm, length 125cm and height 67cm

  • Cutting height is veryeasy to adjust (2cm-15cm)


Application areas:

  • Steep slopes, Water Pools
  • Road maintenance, overpasses, ditches
  • Nature Reserves
  • Inaccessibleareas
  • Plantations, farms
  • Landfills, parks
  • and many other places