Lynex TX2500 is powerful tool carrier which is suitable those places where other machines dare not to go. Runs on slopes up to 45 degrees without endangering employees. You can work as radio controlled , as well you may add a cabin. Modern design combines to the practicality and therefore it is achieved something new.

  • 250 HP Perkins engine provides enough power to the most demanding jobs
  • The new design patented undercarriage, which is hydraulically adjustable the width between 2.2 m and 3 m
  • The center of gravity is a hydraulically adjustable (0.1 and 0,56 meters), which provides an opportunity to move slopes up to 45 degrees
  • The machine is fitted with 3 point hitch on the rear end and front
  • The remote has a two-way communication
  • Do not damage soil because it use rubber tracks and weighs only 5 tons
  • Safe to the user (opportunity to work in cabin or remotely)

    Application areas:

  • Steep slopes, Water Pools
  • Road maintenance and building
  • overpasses, ditches
  • Nature Reserves
  • Inaccessible areas
  • Plantations, farms
  • Landfills, parks, forestry
  • and many other places

       TX2500.pdf (Info in PDF format)